NEWS: Scarborough Made x Nuit Blanche Toronto 2019

Excited to announce that have been invited to be part of an art installation / documentary showcasing the many rising stars that came out of Scarborough a suburb of Toronto. The exhibit opens tonight at the Scarborough Civic Centre as part of Toronto’s Nuit Blanche Festival.

I would like to thank Alex Narvaez and Sid Naidu for inviting me to be part of this amazing project and share my story.

Looking forward to see everyone at Scarborough Made x Nuit Blanche. We are going 7PM to 7AM.

Photo by Sid Naidu / Video by Alex Narvaez

Photo by Sid Naidu / Video by Alex Narvaez

THOUGHTS: How Peter Lindbergh’s Passing has Affected Me…

THOUGHTS: How Peter Lindbergh’s Passing has Affected Me…

How Peter Lindbergh’s Passing has Affected Me…

For those who know, the photography industry has lost a great master.

On September 4 2019 at 5am I heard the news and suddenly the world got a bit more darker. I have always loved Peter’s work and his use of light coupled with his beautifully narrative black and white, one could spend hours studying the care and passion he instilled in his work. He focused on the subject and not the bells and whistles that most of us are fascinated with.

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NEWS RELEASE - SEPTEMBER 2019 - New Alumni Mentorship Program at University Of Toronto Mississauga

UTM University of Toronto Mississauga

For those that don’t know, I graduated from University Of Toronto back in 2009. The time I spent there was instrumental in making me the photographer I am today and as always I am very passionate about giving back to the community that supported me as I was developing. That said I am excited to announce that I will be mentoring as part of a new University of Toronto Mississauga Alumni program.

I can't wait to help the future creative or entrepreneur on their journey.


U for Change

Starting September 17th 2019 I will be teaching photography at U for Change. What is U for Change you ask, Well I’ll tell you. Its an amazing non profit organization that work to promote creative options for at risk youth through education.

I am every excited to help introduce photography as a medium for these kids to use to share their experiences and stories.

Looking forward to share my experiences in teaching with you.