NEWS RELEASE - SEPTEMBER 2019 - New Alumni Mentorship Program at University Of Toronto Mississauga

UTM University of Toronto Mississauga

For those that don’t know, I graduated from University Of Toronto back in 2009. The time I spent there was instrumental in making me the photographer I am today and as always I am very passionate about giving back to the community that supported me as I was developing. That said I am excited to announce that I will be mentoring as part of a new University of Toronto Mississauga Alumni program.

I can't wait to help the future creative or entrepreneur on their journey.


U for Change

Starting September 17th 2019 I will be teaching photography at U for Change. What is U for Change you ask, Well I’ll tell you. Its an amazing non profit organization that work to promote creative options for at risk youth through education.

I am every excited to help introduce photography as a medium for these kids to use to share their experiences and stories.

Looking forward to share my experiences in teaching with you.