THOUGHTS: How Peter Lindbergh’s Passing has Affected Me…

For those who know, the photography industry has lost a great master.

On September 4 2019 at 5am I heard the news and suddenly the world got a bit more darker. I have always loved Peter’s work and his use of light coupled with his beautifully narrative black and white, one could spend hours studying the care and passion he instilled in his work. He focused on the subject and not the bells and whistles that most of us are fascinated with.

You look for honesty, and it strikes you, and then you start to have feelings about that person that you photograph, and that might sound strange, but then that feeling about that person leads them to feel that you understand her; she gives you a bit more than she might give other people. I like that honesty, that moment, the way that you look at me and the way I look at you, and that then there’s something kooky in between these two people. That feeling, that giving and taking, that is what you photograph. It’s not one person documenting another person, it’s a photograph of that relationship you have in that moment. You become another person, a little bit; you become that person that you feel that you are at that moment, and it makes you beautiful, or different, and that’s what’s on the film. And tomorrow you’ll be a totally different person, because tomorrow is another moment. It took 40 years before I understood that.
— Peter Lindbergh

I feel there is a grappling hole left in the world, as many photographers rush in to fill it, I feel it will be one that will be open for a long time. His ability to capture the purity of his subject and use light as if it was a creation of his own, is astounding. He will be greatly missed and as I write this almost a month after his death, I am left with a hollow feeling in my soul.

I hope I am worthy of the torch you have passed on.